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Published: 2015-12-31
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Location: Currently GMT+1 (US expat)

Contact: matt at mattscodecave dot com

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Tags: Python, Django, Postgresql, (light) Devops, ELK, Saltstack, Debian, Ubuntu, AWS, Ruby, Elixir.

Hi there, I'm Matt. I'm a freelance Python developer experienced in working on web applications or administrating Linux boxes.

What I can do:

Here is some stuff that I've done:

Here's something someone said about me, chronologically:

From his core responsibilities as infrastructure developer, he both achieved to make developer's lives easier and to branch out into the different fields in taking over development tasks spanning across the full stack [...]. His work was well received by his colleagues and his friendly, respectful, and supportive nature made collaboration with Matt a welcoming experience.

-- Christian Wallin, CEO, 42reports GmbH

If I'm not programming or hacking, I'm taking pictures, hiking, cycling, or reading.

Hi, I'm Matt.

This blog is an unordered set of thoughts extracted from the mind of a software developer.